□ Tempat pemberkatan : HKBP
□ Tempat adat (plus resepsi)  : Wisma Angkola, Ayahanda

□ Catering adat (plus resepsi) : *serahkan ke si amangboru :D*

□ Gereja, Pelaminan, Gedung : *belom*

Salon / make up / hair do
□ Mempelai wanita (dan keluarga) : *belom banget* 😦
□ Martumpol: Mira Kebaya
□ Kebaya pemberkatan + adat: Mira Kebaya
□ Seragam handai taulan: *belom*

Mobil pengantin
□ Mobil mempelai: *belom*

□ Foto pre wedding: JDV Indo
□ Foto liputan: *belom*
□ Video liputan: *sama juga belom*

Kartu undangan
□ Kartu undangan : *belom cyin*
□ Souvenir adat: *belom*

Catatan Sipil
□ Daftar berkas: *belom*
□ Penataran: *belom*

Lain – lain
□ Cincin: Toko Paris, Cikini
□ Buku tamu  PS dan Do it Yourself

Gilaakkk banyak banget yang belom. Hiks mamihhh.. 

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Super duper late update!

*sungkem dulu ah biar ga dimarahin pembaca*

*pede abis ada yang baca ini blog*


Yap, it’s been almost four months since my last post. Gaaahh where the hell have I been? Have I been married and have two gorgeous kids? Of course. Not. Or has the wedding been cancelled? Gosh, please no.

Well well well.. It’s quite right. My wedding is postponed. I supposed to marry the super annoying yet lovable and uyel-uyelable at July 6th. But we decided to postpone it. Why, you may ask. It’s because, as I told you, boyfriend passed his D4 exam. It means he got back to shool again in Jakarta. 

You know lah, as student he cant get a leave just like when he’s still an employee. It means we have to match the wedding date with his school holiday schedule. Like whatever! I mean, parts of me thankful cause it means I get additional time to prepare this wedding. On the other hand, I just cant wait no more. Hahaha. Gak tahan bookk.

Dan jadinya semua persiapan harus dimulai kayak awal lagi. Musti nyari gedung lagi. Karena oh karena tentu saja gedung yang sudah kami booked tidak bisa dipakai untuk tanggal yang kami inginkan. (Later we found out, my friend from hi-school gonna get married in that very building. It’s life funny or whatever.) Jadilah sang amang boru harus nyari gedung lagi supaya cucok sama tanggal baru (which is 19 October, btw. Yeah, save the date, please :D). I think it’s been a month that we got new building. Which is perfect for me and him. 

Why, you ask again, oh you kepo little bride-to-be 😛 Gedung yang baru ini di Wisma Angkola. Letaknya deket sama sekolahan kami dulu. Maklum, saya dan si patjar memang kenal karena dipersatukan di SMA yang paporit ituh. Jadi, ya saya senang aja bisa dapat gedung yang dekat dengan tempat bersejarah kami. Lalu lalu, gerejanya sang patjar alias sang swamih juga deket banget dari gedung. Jadi, ya saya bisa menjalani pemberkatan di gereja itu deh. Perfecto, kan? Bilang iya dong. Pwease.

Vendor Gedung

Wisma Angkola

Jalan Cangkir No. 8 Ayahanda, Medan


Jadi di situlah saya dan si calon swamih akan diadatkan alias dinikahkan ala-ala Batak gituh. Bannyak banget sihh yang bisa di-update dari rencana nikahan saya dan dia. Nantikan di post berikutnya yah. Jangan ke mana-mana. *borgol tangannya* 

February. Month of love?

Yes, it’s February, my favorite mont of all months. XD

What’s happen in my fav month, you ask? Let me break it down for you.

– MY VERY BIRTHDAY? \(^^)/ I’m 24 years old now. It’s young in case you dont know. Hahaha. Even my soon-to-be father in law suprised when he found that I’m still 24 yo. 😛 I celebrated it with my mom. Nothing fancy, it was just me and her hanging out in dunkin donuts cafe in airport, waited for my flight. She shared a lot of things. Mostly about her early marriage phase. It’s precious to me. And hopefully when I finally get married, I’ll remember all things she shared to me and take it as a knowledge to make decission in my marriage life.

And when I arrived in Jakarta, boyfie welcomed me with a gift. Aaak I love gift. Finally, after months without gift :p he’s giving me not one, but two things I love. It was cool watch and a nice yellow handbag. Thank you, baby :*


– HE PASSED HIS D4 EXAM ~ WOOHOOO! I was so very happy when he told me that. Still happy actually. It’s an answer from God. Now it’s official, we’re gonna live together in Jakarta after the wedding. And I dont have to resign from my job. Thank You, Lord. XD

The announcement was on February 14th. I was a bit disappointed of him because he didnt even try to make Valentine as special day. I dont want fancy stuff, it’s just that lately I felt that he changed. He just less care about me and stop giving his best for me or for this relationship. Maybe it was just me but I really really hate those feelings. But it was all nothing because the announcement really made me so excited. (I hope I can talk about ‘those feelings’ later more seriously with him.)

It’s not over yet, but I really thank God because He gave me so much love thins months. I know He loves me everyday, it’s just I am so happy that stuff happened to me in my favorite month. 😀



This is an update, readers. Brace yourself! 😀

The most important stuff in my wedding is fixed. Hahaha. *ditoyor spouse-to-be* Yes, it’s my kebaya. After galau, bingung, bimbang, and cuek about it, I made it in my hometown. With my mom.

I had only four days, but with my mom’s help, I made it. I bought two set of bahan kebaya, both of them are semi perancis. One of them already has payet on them. And the other, well, let’s just say it’s heboh-aja-padahal-belum-dipayetin. :)))

Anyway, I dont wanna reveal the model and colour just yet. But let’s cross our fingers and hope the best. Hope that it will fit me and make all eyes on me on our wedding day. But here’s a sneek peak to you.


Bahan Kebaya: Altamoda, Sun Plaza, Medan

Penjahit: Miya Kebaya in Jalan Jamin Ginting, Medan


Jahitin kebaya is a easy yet so hard thing to do. That is because this will be my first kebaya. I had zero experience about it. Well, I wore kebaya two times. And I kinda like it. But with wedding kebaya, it’s just complicated. What if it’s not fit me on my wedding day. What if it’s not exactly the way I wanted. What if the other guest wears better kebaya than mine. What if the guests think it’s suck they talk about it as wrong-kebaya-to-wear-for-your-wedding. It’s just too much pressure. But apparently my spouse-to-be doesnt give it much tought.  That’s why we argue and argue just about kebaya. *tendang*

But then I made my mind. Kebaya is not essential. I have the best person to be my spouse and he’s willing to take care of me for the rest of my life. It should be enough.



wedding group

Pfiuh. I know I know it’s been so long I don’t write here. Umm, please accept my apology.


Right now, I want to share about wedding group. Since September I’ve been browse wedding stuff, esp Batak wedding, almost everyday. This one site helps a little, but not so much. Until I found that every year, Batak bride-to-be created a blackberry (BBM) group to share about their wedding plans. I believe it was early December when I joined the group.

And it’s been very helpful. Well, most of the time, I’m just observing about what they do or talk in there. Because, most of them are older than me. Sometime, I dont feel connect with them. But that’s okay cause in this case, older means they know better than me.

I dont join the kopdar thingy because I’m working like everyday. Hahaha. Lied. It’s just I think they are very impulsive. I know we have to make memories about our wedding. But I dont think it means that we have to share plakat, wear same costume in one’s wedding or buy stuff together to match for one’s wedding.

But believe me, they are really really helpful. Most of them know where to buy bahan kebaya, they share great kebaya models, or hair-do for wedding, and other wedding stuff. I am so blessed to be in that group: Pernikahan Adat Batak 2013. I know they won’t be there for my wedding. (It’s in Medan, most of them live in Jakarta.) And I’m not gonna be there for all of the group member’s weddings. But if you’re planning a wedding, it’s really nice to know people’ point of views; people who dont really know you and vice versa, but they have same vision, same goal with you so it doesnt really matters if they know you before or not.

Reading people’s blog or wedding website might really helpful. But it’s nothing compare to this BBM group. 🙂


Forgive my short term memory. I want to share about pre-wedding photo season. (Some might call it engagement photo session, whatever.) I have sooooooo many options when it comes to photographers. Here are some of them:


  • Edward Suhadi

I knew him, even interviewed him once when I wrote about Tedx community. But it was only phone-interview and I bet he doesnt remember me at all. But, when I checked out his portofolio (oh, let him awe you here), I awed. I mean, what he’s doing is so amazing. The photos, the concepts, the wardrobe, and everything is just so amazing. And then I asked to meet them and they emailed me the price list. My heart broke. It was so effing expensive. I have to let go at least my half a year take home pay to get a photo session with them. *crying*


  • David Christover

What I love about David’s portofolio is that he took a lot “natural” photos alias candid. I like his portofolio and he seemed got a lot order from Batak couples. So, I guess he is the right person to “shoot” us, the Batak couple. We almost, this close, to hire him, because we got special price and he seemed like a nice guy. But we didn’t. Why? 


  • Joeie de Vivre

It’s a new vendor, I know. They only took two or three couples engagement photo sessions. But, lucky stuff is we got special price, big discount with this vendor. It was from livingsocial. So, we took one day to consider hire them and we booked them for two days photo session on February 8 – 9, 2013. We already talked about the concept. Although it wasnt very clear. Haha. The photographer doesnt seem like a talkative person, in my opinion. Hope she doesnt go that way on the real photo session. If you want to check out their portofolio, you can see it here


And, I got inspiration for the photo session, here

Hopeless romantic

Hopeless romantic

Him loves vespa <3

Him loves vespa ❤


Let’s pray that it will be fun and worthy photo session. Ciaooo :*

10:57 am »

1. Him just finished his exam for the de-empat s(e)tan thing. Lets pray, pray, and pray that he will pass the exam and meet me again in Jakarta for good. ^^

2. I wanna share a lot about wedding in here. The thing is some of my office mates are already know about my wedding plan. Unfortunately I dont want them to know. So, how do they know? Apparently, somehow, they see me browse and surf about wedding stuff on my computer. Yes, they are so kepo. That’s why I haven’t share any update yet, esp if it including photos. Once, my senior even look through my computer to see what I browse. Thank God it was and nothing “weddingly” about it. :)) But that makes me wanna be careful next time.

3. I’m gonna be auntie anytime soon. Heheh. Actually it’s (at least) six months from now. Yes, my sister in law is pregnant right now. And I’m really really glad about it. Hope everything goes well with her and her baby 😀 I feel so weird. Because me, myself, dont really wanna have baby or kid anytime soon. Hmm, maybe three or four years from now. I dont know. It’s still a long road for me to get there, so I’d better enjoy everything I have now. But, yes, I’m so happy for my brother’s family.


Okay, there goes my (un)important updates. See ya’ (soon, I hope!) 😀 *mwaahh*






How Do You Handle Fights, Lovebirds?

Yes, you’re in love for each other. You have similarities with your love one. But it doesn’t make you agree with everything she/he said. There are two brains, two personalities and lots of wishes, will, intention, and etc. That’s why couple fights. And for me, fighting for a couple can be a good thing. By fighting your girlfriend/boyfriend, you know how she/he handles you when you’re angry. You know how emotional she/he can be about something. The best part is you know her/him even better from a fight. That’s why I say fight can be a good thing. Unless, it happens a lot, like every week or even every day. And you got frustated because of it. And you and your gf/bf do nothing about it, there I can say, you are screwed 😛


I read good article from Huffington Post about how should we, as a couple handle fights. Check this out 😉

Create a code word

Very rarely when communication goes awry do both partners become angry at the exact same time. So create a code word to use when the conversation starts to get out of hand. For example, if voices raise and the conversation starts escalating in a negative direction, the less angry partner can say “timeout” (or another calming word or phrase that you both choose together) to stop the conversation in its tracks. One partner can say this word and remind the other that it’s time to pull the plug on the conversation, cool off and return to the topic at a later time when the conversation can be more productive. This way, it’s much less likely to turn into a full-blown argument.

You’re not a mind reader

And neither is your partner. Unless you express your needs, it’s difficult for someone else to know what they are. When you expect your partner to know how you’re feeling during a fight and what to do about it, you could be setting yourself up for failure — simply because you probably won’t get the response you were hoping for.

Don’t procrastinate

Many times when attempting to communicate turns into a fight, the actual issue never gets discussed. Perhaps one of you apologizes, the issue fades away and it’s never resolved. But the same issue will come up again and again if it’s never confronted. How do you typically avoid difficult conversations? Maybe you change the subject or walk away from conversations you don’t want to have; but the problem won’t go away on its own. Have a conversation about this and together, agree to a strategy to get past it.

Two brains are better than one

If it usually feels like you’re on separate sides when trying to come up with a solution to a problem, it’s time to start playing on the same team again. Brainstorm solutions together without judging or analyzing them. Once you have a list of all your options, you can then discuss each potential option and make a decision together. Most importantly, talk through each solution until you get to a win-win.

Nothing is more toxic than blame

Be aware of yourself and the way you can change communication between you and your partner. Look at yourself objectively, remove all of the blame and then see if there are any things you typically do that don’t help solve a problem or discuss an issue. I offer more information on the crucial topic of reducing blame in my book “Stage Climbing: The Shortest Path to Your Highest Potential. 

Focus on what’s important

Forget the small stuff and ask yourself: is this issue is going to be important in a week? A month? Or a year? Pick your battles carefully and discuss the things that are truly important to both of you for the long run.

Most of all, don’t lose sight of why you’re bothering to fight in the first place. If it’s worth the energy to make a change in your relationship or voice your opinion, it means you’re invested in finding a resolution to the issue. Through ups and downs, it’s important to always keep in mind the parts of your relationship that you are fighting for. Working together to resolve issues before a fight gets out of hand can feel wonderful and be a delightful reminder of why the two of you make a great pair!


It’s December already!

Happy December, people!
Let’s see the progress of my wedding day. Have I told you that we already bought the ring? It’s the one I told you on previous post. Exactly like we wanted, and fortunately, with less price. How lucky 😀 But it’s not ready yet. We will fetch the ring at the end of this month, before Christmas, when him come to Jakarta. Tho it’ll only for few hours, but let’s make the most of it.


I talked to my mom about “marhusip” thingy. So, him and family will come to my house on 23rd December and the marhusip will be held on Saturday, 29th December. So excited. I really wanted to come. But I dont have “jatah cuti”. Hikss. And the fligth tickets are so damn expensive. Actually, I do really want to come. First, it’s my freaking wedding and I want to know my future families closer. I thought this will be a good chance. But, I dont know, the tickets and the no cuti this year are so confusing. Errr.


Anyway, kemarin itu sempat ke Pasar Baru untuk hunting jas dan kebaya. Him almost bought two pair of jas. Hahaha. Til I told him that it’d be too soon. Dan kemarin juga ke Hen’s Kebaya Istana Baru. Omigosh, do I love their collection. And oom Ivan seemed really know what he’s doing. Dapet beberapa masukan juga dari dia soal kebaya. Until I heard the price. Huhuu. Masa oom Ivan bilang ongkos jahit untuk kebaya martumpol tuh sekitar 4 juta dan untuk pemberkatan 7,5 juta. Dan itu belom kainnya dan belum songketnya. *nangis darah* Payah deh, kenapa semua yang aku mau harganya mahal-mahal beuth. Hikss.


Saking sedihnya, aku gak tau lagi mau jahit kebaya di mana. Karena dari awal udah yakin banget mau jahitin kebaya di situ. Dan pas dateng juga feelingnya udah dapet banget untuk kerja sama ama oom Ivan. Tapi uang jua lah yang memisahkan kami. *nangis lagi*


I kinda pissed because so many things that I really want but cant afford in this wedding preaparation. I’m not complaining, I’m just so said about it. I mean why is this happening to me? This is gonna be my one and only wedding but I cant even get things that I wanted. The kebaya, the professional photographer, the me in Medan for marhusip thingy, and etcetera etcetera please stop me before I cry again.


Okay, I dont know what else to say. So, see you again, fellas.


Lots of love,